Thursday, July 31, 2008

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If Chris Rock Cared about Obesity...

"You're not s'posed to get fat... you low-ex-pec-ta-tions-havin'-fool!"

Truly, if fighting obesity were Chris Rock's "thing," that'd be what he tell us all.

Instead we have volumes of studies from Harvard and every other respected academic institution and research center telling us that there's no medical need to gain extra fat once we're full grown. That's about 18 for a female and 22 for a male.

Actually, the studies underscore that even a modest gain in extra fat of 10-20 pounds can have a material impact on one's health, increasing the risk of disease and premature death.

So having our wedding gowns, tuxes, prom dresses, parachute pants, acid-wash jeans, etc. still fit--should be no problem. If we entered adulthood at a healthy weight, there's every reason to believe we should be maintaining that healthy weight.

But what do most of us do?? The typical American couple gains an average of 25 pounds (per person) post-nuptials. YIKES! This can lead to problems in the marriage, the bedroom, fertility... and of course, can wreak havoc on one's self-esteem. And WARNING, if one spouse gains weight, there's a 37% increase in likelihood that the other spouse will too...


That's where the Wedding Gown Challenge comes in... Forget bridal bootcamps and months of starvation leading up to "the big day"--all in an effort to "give good pose" for the wedding photog. It's a dangerous kick-off to frequently a life-long cycle of dangerous yo-yo dieting. Chances are, like 95% of others who attempt fad diets, the weight lost will come right back, and bring extra L.B.s with it!

Instead, go into your Wedding Day at a healthy weight, maintain that weight, and rear the next generation of healthy-eating, healthy-exercising, healthy-weight children.

Congratulations to each one of you who's doing the day-to-day, hour-to-hour, saying-no-thanks-to-the-next-temptation hard work of keeping healthy by making excellent food choices and committing to daily exercise!

From the U.K. to San Francisco, and everywhere else, women around the world are "getting it out and getting it on"--their wedding gowns that is.

Hooray for your efforts! Hooray if the zipper went up without a catch! And hooray for you if you're still working on it!

See you next year! Same time, same place, same gown...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

MeMe, I just wanted you to know that you are my hero. I applaud you for what you do. It takes a lot of guts to be one of the first to address the elephant in the room (no pun intended) with such honesty. We are rapidly spiralling out of control as a nation of careless fat slobs and yet few people address this issue as bluntly as you do, which includes doctors and nutritionists. I do not believe in the whole "fat acceptance movement" because I firmly believe it is yet another excuse for putting off taking care of oneself and setting higher standards to live up to. At a height of 5'7, I used to weigh 205 lbs. I worked hard, exercised, ate healthy and now weigh 120 lbs. I am sick to death of bitter people referring to people like myself as "freaks of nature." Umm....look who's talking?! Obesity is abnormal, unhealthy, and dangerous. Reducing down to healthy size by staying active and eating right is not.

Thank you MeMe for your hard work. I hope more people see the path to a healthy, happier life and live it as I am! Please do not let the negative statements get to you. It is tyranny of the majority. Being forceful and loud does not make one right!

Keep up the good work!


2:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and BTW, when I said people calling people like me (who have successfully kept off weight) "freaks of nature" I was talking about KATE HARDING, a bitter fat*** who bullies people with BMIs under 24...or actually, anyone who disagrees with her.

My general impression of obese people is, I am sad to say, they are very angry, at themselves, at the world, at their bodies and in their hearts they know they could be living better, fuller lives.

2:41 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

MeMe, I found out about you from another article that was talking negatively about your movement, but once I actually read these posts, I have to say I completely agree with you!
Lots of people look down on thin people like myself, to make THEMSELVES feel better about being fat! They want everyone else to be fat too, so they will feel accepted!
I am against girls getting eating disorders obviously, but that is completely unnecessary...all that is necessary is healthy eating and activity!
Thank you for speaking out! It's about time that someone did!

7:35 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

I have been in the health/fitness business all of my life and even watched my mom's passion for it. I am shocked that so many people persecute you, but I guess the truth hurts. I experienced that recently when I took my cause on a reality tv show. I noticed that the viewers mainly sided with the obese family. But I will NEVER stop planting seeds of knowledge into as many people as the stars under the sky.

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog & want to commend you for the work you're doing. As a teacher, I'm disgusted by the TOTAL lack of nutritious choices in school cafeterias. As a mom, I'm furious when the fruit that I packed for my children comes home uneaten because a classmate brought in cupcakes, ice cream, etc.
I also agree that all the "celebrate your curves" slogans are really just an excuse to shrug and accept a lot of unhealthy weight. To me, it's the same as running commercials that say "you smoke - celebrate your yellow teeth and black lungs." Why should one unhealthy habit be celebrated while another is vilified?

12:39 PM  

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