Saturday, June 29, 2013

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Wedding Gown Challenge - Here it comes again!!

Yep, the first Friday of August, every year. I pull out my wedding gown and enjoy the fact that it still fits. Of course it fits. I was a healthy weight 16 years ago when I got married, and it's been up to me to maintain that healthy weight. And btw, I think it's really hard. If I ate and exercised based on my impulses, I'd have that "obesity disease" too..!! Hope you're doing great and doing what it takes to keep yourself healthy, no matter how hard that may be. 

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Yes, I will put my wedding gown on this Friday, just like every year. And yes, it will fit..! I run daily, watch what I eat, and refuse to become overweight or obese. Period. Happy Wedding Gown Challenge..!

Monday, August 08, 2011

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Yep, it fit..!

I pulled it out and put it on, and yep, it fit..! Of course it fit. I was a healthy weight in 1997... Why wouldn't I still be..?? Two kids, slowing metabolism, "fat genes"..?

Oh hell no!! No excuses.

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Friday, August 06, 2010

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Happy Wedding Gown Challenge 2010 - Get it out and get it on, Ba-bee..!!

Look, you go into adulthood at a healthy weight and then you maintain that healthy weight. Period.

This little Wedding Gown Challenge isn't about the gown or marriage even. Feel free to find your own symbol or item that fits throughout adulthood. For me, it's been my Wedding Gown year after year.

I'd never use my marriage or my children or this obesogenic American junk food culture as an excuse to forfeit my health. I eat within my means, exercise daily, and exercise enough that I even have room for plenty of tasty indulgences..! Each of us has to figure out our own rhythm, nourishment needs of our body and exact food choices, but we also must take responsibility for our weight and our health.

And please don't email me about exceptions. If you have Prader-Willi or Pica or are on Prednisone, I'm not talking about you... And certainly not if you're suffering from Cushing's Syndrome either. And for those struggling below the poverty line, there are special circumstances at play and special programs necessary.

I'm talking to the 85+% of us who have what it takes to eat right and exercise daily.

Happy Wedding Gown Challenge..! I took fun professional photos in my gown, but my favorite is this snapshot just afterward in the elevator with my precious daughter...

Great article from Abby Ellin of the New York Times re: post-nuptial weight gain...
Great study reinforcing the fact that maintaining healthy weight (no more than 9lb weight gain for women after age 18) gives you much better odds of healthy aging...

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

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Go, MeMe Roth, Go..! I Support Your Efforts..!

Go, MeMe Roth, Go..! I Support Your Efforts..!

Friday, August 07, 2009

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Wedding Gown Challenge 2009 - Of Course It Fits..!

Love makes us fat...

Marriage makes us fat...

Our friends make us fat...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we've read all the reports. Truth is, we make ourselves fat. Of course, industry couldn't be more helpful. What with their adding sugar to everything so food plays tricks on us: Cravings anyone? Feeling hungry when maybe you're not really hungry? Digging that dopamine high?

It's damn hard to not get fat these days. We're hardwired to eat all food available and to store fat. Otherwise our DNA wouldn't have survived eons of scarcity. But today's survival skill is surviving abundance. With processed foods--I mean ingestible entertainment--formulated, packaged and marketed to bypass all reason, it takes all the logic you can muster to override your neuro-chemical responses driving you to Dunkin' Donuts at 3am...

Kelly Brownell at Yale's Rudd Center says it takes "motivation" and a "willingness" to control these impulses and make healthful lifestyle choices instead. I agree. When it's "no thanks" as tiramisu is offered... or the face of every runner along the path...I'm pretty sure I'm witnessing pure determination.

Were you at a healthy weight when you hit your twenties? Are you still at about the same weight? You should be. (Weight lifters and the like get a free pass on this.) Whether it's your acid wash jeans, Bugle Boys, or whatever you wore the first night you got drunk (legally), those clothes should still fit--your body if not your current sense of style.

America is a collective 5 Billion pounds overweight, the average adult is 23 pounds overweight, and most couples put on 25 to 30 pounds after the first few years of marriage.

If you have the determination, motivation and willingness, those numbers don't have to describe you. As for me, I'm celebrating the 5th Annual Wedding Gown Challenge today. More than 12 years and 2 children later, the gown still fits, Ba-bee..!

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

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If Chris Rock Cared about Obesity...

"You're not s'posed to get fat... you low-ex-pec-ta-tions-havin'-fool!"

Truly, if fighting obesity were Chris Rock's "thing," that'd be what he tell us all.

Instead we have volumes of studies from Harvard and every other respected academic institution and research center telling us that there's no medical need to gain extra fat once we're full grown. That's about 18 for a female and 22 for a male.

Actually, the studies underscore that even a modest gain in extra fat of 10-20 pounds can have a material impact on one's health, increasing the risk of disease and premature death.

So having our wedding gowns, tuxes, prom dresses, parachute pants, acid-wash jeans, etc. still fit--should be no problem. If we entered adulthood at a healthy weight, there's every reason to believe we should be maintaining that healthy weight.

But what do most of us do?? The typical American couple gains an average of 25 pounds (per person) post-nuptials. YIKES! This can lead to problems in the marriage, the bedroom, fertility... and of course, can wreak havoc on one's self-esteem. And WARNING, if one spouse gains weight, there's a 37% increase in likelihood that the other spouse will too...


That's where the Wedding Gown Challenge comes in... Forget bridal bootcamps and months of starvation leading up to "the big day"--all in an effort to "give good pose" for the wedding photog. It's a dangerous kick-off to frequently a life-long cycle of dangerous yo-yo dieting. Chances are, like 95% of others who attempt fad diets, the weight lost will come right back, and bring extra L.B.s with it!

Instead, go into your Wedding Day at a healthy weight, maintain that weight, and rear the next generation of healthy-eating, healthy-exercising, healthy-weight children.

Congratulations to each one of you who's doing the day-to-day, hour-to-hour, saying-no-thanks-to-the-next-temptation hard work of keeping healthy by making excellent food choices and committing to daily exercise!

From the U.K. to San Francisco, and everywhere else, women around the world are "getting it out and getting it on"--their wedding gowns that is.

Hooray for your efforts! Hooray if the zipper went up without a catch! And hooray for you if you're still working on it!

See you next year! Same time, same place, same gown...