Thursday, January 20, 2005

Name Anyone Who Can Still Fit into Her Wedding Gown
(a friend? your wife? you?)

Wedding Gown Challenge: Take It! August 2005, New York City

Pull it out of the closet, storage, your mom’s house…wherever it is…and PROVE to the world that you can still fit into your wedding gown. Your big day may have been last week or the last Millennium; either way, it wasn’t your final destination, nor the end of your being who you are. You’ve still got it going on, and this summer in New York City is your chance to show your stuff.

Women of all ages are invited to join in this momentous occasion, the Wedding Gown Challenge, NYC August 2005, where we paint the town in Wedding Gowns. Show yourself…and the rest of the world what it looks like to be a woman. Little girls need not assume that growing up means growing fat.

“Do it for yourself—Do it for all daughters across the country,” said MeMe Roth, Wedding Gown Challenge organizer and host. “There’s a detrimental expectation that all women get fat. Think ‘mom’ and you’re thinking pudgy lady at the grocery store. It’s an outdated image and terrible legacy. Let’s blow it out of the water.”

Maybe it was one “big day” or a few trips down the aisle… Maybe you’ve never had a baby or you’ve had four. No matter what, you haven’t let yourself go--You’ve never let life events lower the standards set for yourself. No excuses! You’re a role model for all women…and this is your chance to make a difference. Join us this August 2005 New York City. Wedding Gown Challenge. Take it! DATE/VENUE TBD.

2005 New Year’s Resolution? Or just time to reclaim your body? Start today and be ready for the Wedding Gown Challenge…and the rest of your life’s adventure.

Fast Facts:

  • Yes, bring your daughters; heck, bring the whole family…
  • Yes, share your stories… Oldest, Youngest, Kept that weight off, Had many children and still stayed fit… We all want to hear your tale.
  • No, it doesn’t cost any money… Just come for the photo op and show the world that not all women are destined for fat farms.
  • No, you don’t need to be a mom, just someone who’s kept her self-standards high…
  • Keep posted to this site for updates on the latest information re: the Wedding Gown Challenge
  • Portion of Proceeds to be donated to charity fighting against Child Obesity

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